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About The Author

Stephanie Hudson had dreamed of being a writer ever since her obsession with reading books at an early age. What first became a quest to overcome the boundaries set against her in the form of dyslexia, has turned into a life's dream. I first started writing in the form of poetry and soon found a taste for horror and romance. Afterlife is the first book in the series of 12 books, with the story of Keira and Draven becoming ever more complicated in a world that sets them miles apart.

When not writing, I enjoy chatting with my amazing fans and spending time with my friends. But best of all is being with my amazing family as much as I can including my daughter Ava, sons Jack and Halen and supportive husband and personal muse Blake, who is there for me no matter what.

Afterlife Saga is 12 books in total, which includes the books that are in two parts plus the many spin-off books that follow, as some stories are just too big for one book. At the moment I am finishing Lucius's story in the Transfusion Saga and all 9 books will be released by the end of July 2020. After that will be the conclusion of Vincent's story and the other Afterlife King Spin-off series.  There is also the Afterlife Chronicles series aimed at a younger audience but still an important part of the whole Afterlife World.


I have also written The Devil in Me along with my husband Blake.  A dark erotic standalone story that we are both really proud of.


Thank you all and happy reading.

Lots of love


Stephanie xx

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